All Roads lead to Krishna..

If you are in India and you mix around with people at large or ocassionaly even switch open the idiot box and come across religious channels like sadhana, shradha or whatever, you will not fail to notice that how people so fervently follow some Guru or some organization. These Gurus may offer either Nirvana, Salvation, Sense gratification or ocassionaly Bhakti. In such situations what dawns over my mind is what Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita -Every one is on a path to meThis means in words of my Guru Maharaj all roads lead to Krishna, but just as, my Guru Maharaj explained the road that leads to Rome has several exits these offers of instant nirvana, salavation and sense gratifictaion are exits from the path that is leading to Krishna. Even though if a jiva chooses to take up one of these exits, when he gets frustrated for he is looking for love and ecstasy which only a relationship with Krishna can give him, he will come back to this path and resume his journey back to Krishna. But why take chances?? Why waste one more life??Somehow by mercy of Srila Prabhupada, Guru and Gauranga we have been allowed entrance into a high speed highway to Krishna so I keep counselling my mind to stop looking at the dangerous exit signs and push the accelerator hard.
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