All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

In a world of impending doom, what is known to be Apocalypse,
Insolent raucous men engage in vice,
Gluttony, sloth, delinquency, and despise.
Miscreants on a rampage, the duplicitous at war,
The lecherous let free, the insidious with a worldly zeal do soar!

A woe to all the depraved souls!
Yet in the midst of all this darkness,
Is a discreet coronation of a spiritual monarch,
Chanting and singing the glories of the Lord,
Rises a spiritual emissary, staggering in his persona,
Deep and commanding is his voice, yet a childlike innocence glistening in his eyes.
I compare him to a spiritual sedative, relieving material anxiety.
Fixing the mental delirium within, releasing us from obscurity,

He saved us from a deluge of calamities, replacing material treason with the wealth of devotion,
He humbled us with his profound teachings, savior of the fallen, the object of all adulation.

He granted us parole from the material world,
Bestowed love and blessings a million fold.
Clad in saffron, dancing and singing the holy name,
Hearing that heavenly voice, fear, hatred, and indifference, we overcame.

He was the true emblem of servitude,
Appreciative of the most menial service, so moving was his gratitude.
He suffered two heart attacks, but he never gave up on us,
His heart inundated with compassion, his love  was  humongous.

Tears well up in my eyes reminiscing his sacrifice,
His riches to mankind, opulence beyond compare and price.
A living paradigm of supreme love, quintessence of devotion and intellect,
We rose above ignorance, trounced maya, as we had Srila Prabhupad to guide and direct.

Srila Prabhupada, Krsna’s representative from the spiritual world,
A powerful heavy duty he did uphold.
To spread the holy name around, far and wide,
And it is this we did joyfully abide!

“This reward of love of Krsna,
Is certainly the highest goal,
It is this he came to teach,
And it is this he did extol”

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