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The journey of a young millionaire, who blends spirituality with entrepreneurship.

It's evening; a young Bengali gentleman sitting in his office in Kolkata completes a webinar on entrepreneurship and moves on to an online TV interview. Interviewer asks him questions relating to investment, business and startups and he answers them all with fervid expressions. Being in limelight, guiding budding entrepreneurs, focusing on resolving queries and making people think differently is a routine for him.

This great-great-grandson of India’s well-known freedom fighter and poetess Sarojini Naidu is a multi-faceted personality. He is the Managing Director of East India’s largest startup incubator, Kolkata Ventures (it is among one of his businesses), having its presence expanded to 5 countries now. He has been in the White House panel for entrepreneurship education, a recipient of 150+ awards; featured by most of leading newspapers in India & US, a former startup advisor to the Prime Minister of Nepal, a guest lecturer at India’s premier institutions IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), a spiritual practitioner and seeker, and a TEDx speaker. In spite of having achieved all of it at a very young age; Avelo Roy is humble, simple and dedicated to the great cause of Krishna Consciousness.

Born in a Bengali brahmin family in Kolkata, Avelo was always looking forward to solve problems. His father was a businessman and his mother, a politician. As he grew up in India, he got westernized owing to his upbringing, reading of foreign writers, studying in ICSE Board School and at the Cambridge.

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