So, it worked out fairly smoothly.  We merely called the local wellness centre in Rosedale, and asked if their clinic accepts walk-ins.  It so happens they do in the chiropractic department, and I was good to go for 9:00 a.m. The call was made at 7:30 a.m.  I was practically accepted on the spot.  I met Dr. Suk, a pleasant therapist, and showed him my X-rays made in Mauritius, which were very helpful.
He looked at my posture and did a thorough examination.  He then expressed his observations.  He said I was uneven in various areas, stiff in some. Interesting was that apparently I'm carrying an extra 23 lbs. of weight on the right side.  I'll hear more on Monday after a second visit.  He made some physical adjustments.  It felt good and relieved some of the enduring pain I was having.  I walked back to the ashram with some pride.
A second walking installment was a leisurely stroll through Yorkville, with Connor and Raymond.  We wove through the more pedestrian-friendly venues.  I did so with ease except for the occasional outburst of what felt  like a cough which was going to misalign my rib cage.  I managed to gingerly let out my internal irritation, and no bones, spine or ribs, went further out of place.
Spring is here.  Trees are budding, but it's a slow process.  So is my healing a slow process.  Such is the case when you are aging.  On display by a shop's window reads, "Don't resist growing old. Some people never have the chance."
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