Admiring Prahlad by Bhaktimarga Swami

One of the most outstanding bhakti-yogis of all time is Prahlad, who while in the womb of his mother, became enlightened when hearing from Narada, the sage.  By the time he was five he impressed upon his classmates the value of spiritual practices.

Prahlad grew up in a culture when social distancing from God was standard.  In the coming days we will remember Prahlad because of his devote connection with one of the popular avatars, Narasimha, a half-man/half-lion incarnation, who manifested (by our lunar calendar) on May 6.  The avatar protected Prahlad who was put in danger.

In the powerfully charged text “Bhagavatam” we can read up on some of Prahlad’s qualities and try to emulate them.  From canto 7.8.31-32 of the Bhagavatam some of his qualities are listed:

1) determined to search for the truth

2) practiced control of the mind and senses

3) practiced kindness to all beings

4) acted as a friend to all

5) enthused about menial service

6) acted like a father to those junior

7) practiced kindness especially to the poor

8) acted like a brother – sharing

9) demonstrated respect to elders and teachers
You can say Prahlad was an everyone’s man.  For him no one was his enemy.

I walked for an hour periodically reflecting on this child saint who was so inspirational.
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