Adios Amigos by Bhaktimarga Swami

Varadero is the launching pad from which we were hoisted up in the air, to go to our respective countries: Spain (for Yadunandan) and Canada (Prana and myself).  We made sure the local Vaishnavas in Cuba were equipped until our next visit with their devotional and other needs.  A mrdunga drum is now theirs, three telephones, a laptop computer, beads and bead bags, ghee, books, and some financial backing—all generous donations from Vancouver to Brampton, Toronto, Montreal, and of course, Spain.

We also left the devotees some messages of encouragement, and the theme of working together.  Empowering them was also our obligation, so the swami from Spain and I gave them some engagement, responsibilities, or services, if you will, to keep all devotionally occupied. There are the services of treasury, communications, group interfacing, festival coordination, sanghas, the farm coordination, and visitor coordination.  On top of this, we offered our prayers of goodwill in a mutual way.  They wished us a great flight, and we wished them a fantastic next year.  The year 2020 is just around the corner.

Remember Y2K and the apparent disaster predicted at the turn of the millennia?  That was just like yesterday, when the joke was on most everyone.

The people of Cuba are sweet and curious about higher consciousness - very responsive.  And their love for music, song, dance- all components of a bhakti experience - makes for good ingredients.  We will see what the future holds.
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