A Walker Gone by Bhaktimarga Swami

8442899078?profile=RESIZE_400xIt appears to be the month of death. Not Covid related, however, another case of someone I know passing, was a young man from Philly who gave up his life — suddenly. I got to know him on my walk across the U.S. He joined me at a few spots on the east coast. It rather choked me up to hear about his ending.

After some time of grievance (it hit hard for a few hours) I thought less about the loss and his challenged upbringing. Rather, I focused more on his positive contribution. A man with a big heart who gave much time in the preparation of prasadam, is to his credit. Then he became, at least for some time, a walker. He did so with incredible conviction. There was an outward solitude to him. He was a real trooper as we sauntered along busy roads through New Jersey. He was tireless in his execution of walking.

His name is Esa and he won my admiration. May Krishna have his merciful glance on him and take Esa with Him. I was happy to know him. After having him with me for some days I had anticipated that we would journey together again at some time in the future. My prayers go to him. Like so many of us, Esa was influenced positively by our guru, Prabhupada. I hope Esa will have the opportunity to walk with a pure soul in the spiritual world.

In reflecting on the various walking partners that accompanied me on marathons, I feel they are all special people; some ventured through life on both smooth and rough trails.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/01/friday-january-15-2021.html

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