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This famous immortal Hari-Bhajan, is based on the composition of the great Vaishnava saint, Sri Sri Haridas Thakur(1512-1607), and was recorded and filmed during the B & W days of Cinema. It is amazing that the song was sung by a muslim singer - Mohammed Rafi, whose voice is so brilliant. This song will always be sung eternally, as it originated from Haridas Thakur, the great Vaishnava Saint, who was initiated by the Lord Himself.Here's the link to this song.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyi8bk7JNPQ&feature=relatedIn the film, Baiju Bawra and Tansen, two disciples of Haridas Thakur, were singers in two different royal courts, one served the secular muslim ruler Akbar, and another served a Hindu King, the Raja of Chanderi .Haridas Thakur was not much in favour of Tansen, because Tansen once tricked his Guru. It so happened that Akbar wanted to hear Haridas Thakur, who never sang in public.Tansen requested Haridas Thakur to sing one day, and quietly brought Akbar to listen from behind a tree. Haridas Thakur was annoyed by this when he found out the cheating. It led to Tansen's fall, while Baiju bawra's fame grew. Here's the video of the song from the film Baiju Bawra.The song is in Raag malkauns. Baiju Bawra's disciples are the torch bearers of Dhrupad Gharana, one of the famous schools of music in North India.Tansen's Gharana is also known today but mot as famous as Dhrupad Gharaaa.Here's the video link.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyi8bk7JNPQ&feature=relatedThe Lyrics (in Hindi)http://www.musicindiaonline.com/lr/17/1419/The english translation of the lyrics is here below:-The mind pines for the Darshan of the Lord Hari todayAll my works are spoiled, without youCome,I pray humbly, please keep my honorThe mind pines for your darshan today, O Hari.I am a yogi at your doorWhen will you turn your looks towards mePlease hear the voice of my anxious mindWithout Guru from where will i get KnowledgePlease give me alms of Bhakti so I can sing HarigunaYou are the Lord of all the knowledgeable peopleThe mind pines for your darshan today, O Hari.O Murali manohar do not break my expectationsO destroyer of sorrow, do not ignore my companyGive me the Bhiksha(alms) of your Darshan todayThe mind pines for your darshan today, O Hari.HARE KRISHNA!JAI SRI KRISHNA!
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  • Thank you very much prabhuji!!I never knew it was such a famous bhajan and i heard it so many times and everytime i wanted to listen more..I'm very glad to know about it's origin.Haribol!
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