A to Z of Krishna Consciousness

A to Z of Krishna ConsciousnessA- Association of DevoteesB- BooksC- ChantingD- Diety WorshipE- Ekadasi fastingF- Food offered to KrsnaG- Guru SevaH- HearingI- InitiationJ- Journey to Holy DhamK- KirtanL- Live simplyM- Mangla AartiN- No PrajalpaO- Offering ObeisancesP- PreachingQ- Question humblyR- Regulative PrinciplesS- Surrender (Saranagati)T- Tulasi sevaU- Understand philosophyV- Vaisnav sevaW- Work in Krsna ConsciousnessX- Xerox the teachings (Repeat as it is)Y- Yearn for BhaktiZ- Zeal for seva
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