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I am staying in Malaysia with my husband who is working here. We have a limited period visa for Malaysia. Before buying little little things we think twice that is this thing really useful for our survival here. We know that we cannot take things we accumulate in Malaysia back to India with us. And we are sure that we'll go back to India within a few years. So we also try to buy only those things which are absolutely necessary here or those things which we can carry back to India with us which is our final destination.Similarly we know that we are in this world for a limited time. But then why is it that we continue living here as if we'll live forever? Instead of collecting those things which we'll take with us after the end of this life, why are we always busy collecting useless things? Why is it so difficult to apply this simple logic that we apply while living in Malaysia to our whole life?
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  • hare krishna
  • hare krishna very nice thought and teaching mata g......

    hari bol

  • Thanks a lot Prabhujis and Matajis for the response. If we stick to our Chanting and Serve Lord and His Devotees then I am sure one day we'll be able apply logic in our lives too.


  • Excellent thought. Mundane things are tangible to eyes and become very powerful in trapping the transcendental soul.There is no impediment in one's enjoyment in life's journey  as long as one does not lose the clarity of true vision of relationship with the loving Almighty in the mode of love and service.

  • nice thought. Haribol!
  • Hare Krishna...Really, it is a very Thought Provoking & A Very Good Self Introspection Question.


    Reply / Reason for why is it so difficult to apply this simple logice in our life is that:


    Maya is like water. If there is one litle crack in Pot, water will find its way immediately to that crack.  The problem is our consciousness has so many cracks.

    Yours Worthless Servant


  • beautiful and practical example depti.

    Hare Krishna

  • Perfect example mataji
  • Hare krishna very excellent thought... Jai prabhupada
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