A Swim At The End by Bhaktimarga Swami


Brian Carwana Always manages to bring a great set of people over for a religious encounter experience. The last time he came was in May with folks mainly from the States. Today, he welcomed to our temple people from North America, including some Californians and those from Scotland. From our place he arranged for a visit to a First Nations centre, and then to the Hindu Sabha for an arati (service).

It is my opinion that the caliber of people Brian shows up with are about the best on the planet. To one of the gentlemen, over a scrumptious meal at our Govinda’s, I suggested, “You folks are all brahmins.” He took it as a compliment. And one of the women in their mid 50s even expressed an interest in our Bhakti Academy, which is a three-month training course on everything you want to learn and experience about the culture. It's actually a live in the ashram retreat.

The group liked chanting and dancing. One of the fellows was a reverend at the Saint Andrews church on Bloor St. His name is Neil Young.

“You're not the original, you can't be,” I joked. He mentioned he's mistaken for the Canadian musician quite a lot.

We just had so much fun together.

Speaking of fun, I was always drawn to Krishna because I saw Him to be lighthearted. The service to that Almighty Krishna brings out the best in people.

When I completed my Gita Chat on Zoom tonight, during which we discussed verses 2.46 and 47 addressing the heat, three of the boys from Bhakti Academy and I headed for Cherry Beach. This was after sundown. Recreation is permitted for the renunciates.

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