A Short poem Glorifying Lord Narasimha

2515083455?profile=RESIZE_400x Lord Narasimha, The Supreme Refuge!

Lord Narasimha, also known as Mahasimha,
appeared on the Earth as Ugrasimha,
feared by many, mighty and puny.

The Lord emerged from the pillar,
appearing in the form of a fearsome killer,
with the upper half of a ferocious lion's head,
and the lower half of a human's body.

The Lord's roarings and shrills,
made everyone run hither and thither,
except Prahlada and Hiranyakashipu,
who never anticipated such a miracle and grandeur.

Hiranyakashipu, the undauntful fool,
who committed mistakes, without a rule,
was now in front of the Lord, holding a massive sword,
ready to fight with all his might,
little did he realise that he was facing the Lord,
with his own accord.

The Lord with his furious eyes,
with a regal mane of a mighty frame,
lifted the wretched Hiranyakashipu,
and placing him on his massive lap,
his claws like the chisel,
tore apart the stomach of the demon, killing him instantly,
thus, ending the rule of the fool, Hiranyakashipu!

After this pastime, of killing the demon's rhyme,
the Lord assumed the form of Divyasimha asthe Ultimate Supreme Refuge!
The Lord appeared on the Earth,
in the Divine form of Narasimha, as his birth,
to protect his greatest devotee,
Sri Prahlada, who caused the Divine Appearance of Lord Narasimha!
and showed us the path of devotional love and dedication to the Lord.

Lord Narasimha is everywhere,
protecting all, those who fall,
seeking his shelter, making him the Supreme Refuge.

The Lord showed us all,
that nothing is beyond his strategem,
and everything is only Him!

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  • On reading about how lord protect devotee I feel totally protected.
  • Hare Krishna!
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