A regular customer appeared out of nowhere


I was distributing in Bethlehem, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. In the Countdown Supermarket parking lot I saw a young delivery guy heading toward his van. I approached him and put a Hiding in Unnatural Happiness in his hand. Eru is a nineteen-year-old New Zealander half Maori native.

Enthused about the book and our exchange, he wanted to donate but had no cash, so I pulled out the mobile eftpos PayClip machine. Eru trusted me but had doubts about this device. He expressed that he didn’t want to take the risk.

Just at that moment, a young lady came from behind us and asked what books I had. She saw the Hiding book in Eru’s hand, and glorified it with much enthusiasm and sincerity.

Sheata revealed that this book dramatically changed her life and that she had bought three copies from different devotees and given them to her friends in the last couple of months. Sheata first saw a HIUH in her local hair salon and started reading it each time she had an appointment. She would take photos of the pages so that she could continue reading it when not at the salon – until she met devotees in Auckland and in the Bay Area and bought a copy.

Eru was hearing this testimony and started looking through the copy he was holding.

Sheata asked about the Srimad Bhagavatam that I was holding. I handed it to her, and she took it in her hands as though it was the most precious gift ever given to her. I gave her a brief outline of the Bhagavatam, and she relished every word.

She shared how much impact this knowledge had on her and her friends’ lives. Sheata pulled out her card and wanted to give $10 using the portable eftpos machine. So after the transaction was complete and Sheata left I turned to Eru.

He was moved by what he just witnessed, and he said, “OK, here’s my eftpos card. Can I please purchase a copy? I saw what this book did for her. And your machine is legit, I hope.”

Joking that Sheata should step in on all of my exchanges and help clinch the deal, Eru and I pondered the greater powers at work that day.

Sankirtan yajna, ki jaya!

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=101121

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