A poem from Bhaktivinode Thakur's Sharanagati.


My mind, my body, my hearth and shore,
I offer it to your lotus feet, o Nandakishore.

In goodtimes or badtimes in life or in death,
Of your two merciful feet, I am in debt.

Kill me or protect me its your wish alright,
As I am your eternal servant it is your supreme right.

If I do have to take birth again,
O lord, let it be in a devotee’s home, I Yen.

Life as a worm, surrendered at your lotus feet, I desire.
Rather than Lord Brahma’s birth inimical to you, my sire.

Free from the desire for enjoying the senses and even libereation.
Such devotees, I always seek their association.

You are my father, my mother, my son and paramour
My master, my guru, you are my everything and much nore

Bhaktivinode prays of Kanha please hear
O, Radhanath you are my life and soul.

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