A path for GOLOKA

Hare Krishna

All unhappiness is born out of psychological condition of mind called vritis or modifications. There r 4 conditions of mind- Competition,Jealous, Hatred and Ego which protects one from experincing peace and happiness. But what wrongs in competition, it leads to progress. Actually competition brings out the attitude to do something for win not excelling to bring out your best performance.

Jealous is counterproductive attitude of mind because it prevents a peace from seeing good qualities in others.

Hatred and cotempts are also negative emotions. Ego makes you do things only to win approvals of others. Ego is a feeling, i m someone special. When such type approvals comes in your mind , they totally destroyed your happiness. what then , is the solution to overcome such negative emotions from one's mind?

First of all one must feel the oneness in all of beings and understand the nature of atma (GOd resides inside of us). The same God is indwelling in all others's body, Who is the creator of this entire universe.Once one understand this nature ,there is no need to feel superior or inferior to others and be egoistic ?Where is need to get approval of others in order to be happy?

It's not so easy, however for everyone can remain with the understanding of Krishna consciousness verses body consciousness. what then is way out?

Bhagwatam Gita is the road map to reach this stage. First of all, you have to keep doing your given duty to best of his capacity without any ulterior motive, ego or doer-ship. This is the path of Karma Yoga. Then this will lead to the purity of mind which is necessary for enlightment.

Once one achieve pure mind will lead on the path of devotion and trust in GOD is known as Bhakti Yoga. Soon after that you might spontaneously begin to feel the oneness in all living beings and suprem love for all, which is the ultimate bliss that one could ever hope to achieve in this world. It is a state of long-lasting bliss which can also be carried forward from this birth to next brith, as promised by LOrd krishna in Bhagwatam Gita.

So rememberance of Krishna is eternal which can lead to Superpersonality GOdhead dhama-GOLOKA, which is the main objective of our life for which we came here in human body form.

To attain this spiritual dhama one should follow the procedure step by step.

KARMA YOGA --> ( by which u clean ur mind)

BHAKTI YOGA ---> ) by which u clean ur heart by chanting hare Krishna mahamanter)

Continue Rememberance of Krishna ---> leads to GOLOKA

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