A Need In Barrie by Bhaktimarga Swami


Georgian College hosted an event to encourage students, and it was Mohit, Naina, their son and daughter, and student, Yash, who made the connection for bhakti yoga practitioners. I was really taken by the duo Indradev, on drum, and Ekanath, on harmonium. These boys hail from Lithuania and Latvia. Their bhajan songs were sweet, as was a cozy room we were given to sing and speak in. I didn't mind the high ceilings and glass walls at all; there was a very good energy.

The fact is that many students find their studies rather challenging, especially those who come from other countries. Suicide is a reality among students. Home sickness, pressure from parents, culture shock, dietary change, and drastic change of weather are some of the serious challenges they face. Yash, whom I mentioned earlier, is one of those students who has witnessed some of his classmates go through trauma.

It was a pleasure for me to speak to some of these young men and women who are finding some difficulties on this social level. Naturally, I'm offering advice to them on spiritual terms. Some of the tools – practices that Krishna consciousness offers, can really help one to cope with some of these problems.

I did receive some suggestions from more than one person, "Why don't we have a centre here in Barrie – a place where students can come regularly and feel a sense of home, a sense of camaraderie?"

In the big city of Toronto, there are various temples or outlets for these young people to benefit from, but in a smaller city like Barrie, population 160,000, it has not yet manifest.

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