A Cure by Bhaktimarga Swami

5098860873?profile=RESIZE_400xAt the start of today’s walk I took our resident monk from Bangladesh with me to show him what is a dandelion, that brightly yellow-colored flower that Europeans brought to the New World (North America) long ago. I plucked out one of those little flowers of wonder, which some people call a weed, so Dwarkanatha, also our major cook, could see it.
“The flower head is delicious as a pakora. The young leaves are great in a salad,” I explained. He appreciated the gesture of education and is committed to trying it out as food preparation of a nutritious kind. Then he told me something significant about herbal power that was like a miracle to hear.
He told me last week that 36 monks (brahmacharis) in our Dakatemple/ashram had been found with Covid-19 positive. That was devastating to hear. The whole facility was shut down.
But then one of the members, a medical-smart person, had them take a tea 3 times a day internally and three times breathe in this same substance with its steam. The report now is a glorious one. All those victims of the virus now read negative.

“So my dear Dwarkanatha, what is this cure and what are the ingredients?” I implored. This is what he said:

Black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric in water, boiled, steeped in water.

“Okay, so more people should give it a try,” I suggested.

“Yes,” he said firmly with a smile. I proceeded walking happily taking my Trinidadian walking partner, Aisvarya, with me.
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  • Hare Krishna, All glories to Srila Prabhupada, please accept my humble obeisances. Always nice to read your articles, thank you Bhakta Bill, New Vrindavana
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