A Conscious Day by Bhaktimarga Swami


Well, the "Kirtan Standard Workshop", re-named "Conscious Kirtan Workshop" came out quite successful. In a mere two hour crash course and with co-presenter, Rukmini, the conference room got filled up with enthusiasts who were curious to know about the passion behind a need. And that need was to insist on keeping Kirtan practices on the straight and narrow path. Much of the directives given by our guru, Prabhupada, on the subject are unknown and so, with the morning's presentation it became known. The most important principle here is to listen and follow the master. There comes power from doing so.

We managed to get a photo of most of the attendees who registered. It was announced just a little too late - the photo, that is.

Comments that were common, as feedback, resonated with such words as, "insightful" and I learned things I didn't know.

My afternoon left me being less of a teacher and more of a friend. On Dupont Street I bumped into Hamilton friend, Zack, who is a yoga teacher and a lover of people - photographer too. At Christie Pits, I was sitting on a bench, when Suresh saw me and offered me a share of blueberries. He is a filmmaker and one of his short films got attention. Based on a true story two young women very much in love were ostracized in conservative countryside India. One ended up throwing herself in front of a moving train. Sad !

It was not only Zack and Suresh that were old friends that collided with, but there were others. The Saturday pm culture in springtime Canada is remarkable. Everyone is out there for you! The peach/ saffron clothes help to get noticed.

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