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8 qualities of Lord Ramachandra as mentioned by Sri Hanumanji.

1. Vishuddaanubhava-maatram - The Lord, whose pure form is uncontaminated by the modes of material nature, can be perceived by pure consciousness.
2. Ekam - one without a second.
3. Sva-tejasaa dhvasta-guna-vyavastham - by His own spiritual potency, vanquished the influence of the modes of material nature.
4. Pratyak - transcendental, not to be seen with material eyes.
5. Prashaantam - undisturbed by material agitation.
6. sudhiyopalambhanam - only in pure consciouness, or Krishna consciousness, can one perceive the transcendental form of the Lord.
7. Anaama-rupam - without a material name and form.
8. niraham - without a material ego

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