7 Quotes to Remember in Difficult Times

During difficult times, our mind is usually disturbed, our intelligence confused, and our ego hurt. Of these seven quotes from Radhanath Swami’s book The Journey Within, three are for the mind, two for the intelligence, and two for the ego.

For the mind
Mind has three functions: thinking, feeling and willing.
Keep thoughts positive, be hopeful:
1. Hope can nourish, sustain, and inspire us to grow even in challenging circumstances.
Here is a quote to help you cultivate the right feelings:

2. If we’re grateful, patient, and faithful during bright periods and dark, the light of grace will shine upon us.
And never lose the will to grow:

3. The will to grow despite the heat of adversity is necessary if one wants to thrive.
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For the intelligence

Use your intelligence to learn lessons from the situation, and make the best out of it.

4. Karma is not just a mechanical law; it’s responsive and dynamic – nature’s way of restoring health. What feels like punishment is actually for our ultimate benefit.

5. Wisdom is to transform a curse into a blessing, a challenge into an opportunity. It’s just a matter of how we interpret the situation.

For the ego

Difficult times are times to learn modesty and humility. Seek help from good people, and especially from God.

6. Intense grief is like a fortress wall, difficult to penetrate with words alone, but shared sorrow can help make those words more meaningful.

7. On my own spiritual quest, the Hare Krishna maha-mantra has come to protect me at times when I was in the greatest physical, emotional and spiritual need.


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