Appearance Day of HH Visnujana Swami

Devotees of ISKCON Juhu invite all for Maha-harinaam in honour of HH Visnujana Swami Maharaj on his Appearance Day.
to get His blessings and Mercy to get more and more taste in chanting the Holy Names. Senior Srila Prabhupada Disciple like HG Bhima Prabhu, HG Mahatma Prabhu and others likely to lead us.

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  • The Line up includes 1 hour of kirtan of HG Mahatma at the end.devotees from Chowpatty-Jai Sachinandana prabhu and Hrishikesh Ananda Prabhu likely to join in.Adbhuta hari Prabhu(croatia) and Hari Kirtan Prabhu also expected to lead.Sale of CDs/DVDs of Maharaj after the kirtan along with show is also planned.

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