I am a soldier in the US Army and thought you all might get a laugh at what happened the other day.
We had to do a 6 mile run for fitness. Its custon to sing during these runs to build soldier cohesion.
So they asked me to sing. I agreed so we were running down the street , when the idea popped in my head to get them to chant. Now this wasn't 6 or 7 people, its was a total of 600 soldiers.
And they were into it, for 3 miles they chanted the Maha Mantra as loud as they could and were really into it.
Amazing what the power of the Holy Name can do!
Your servant,
Partha-sarathi dasa
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  • Hari Bol 

    Very good News and this is very good weapon chanting of hare krishna mahamantra

  • hare krishna, really amazing ....amazing

  • Hare Krishna! you have made them all conscious about Krishna. Hare Krishna!

  • Jai !Hari Bol !!PAMHO !Mercy of Mahaprabhu! Mahaprabhu must be so much pleased with your Nagar Sankirtan, Prabhuji!


  • Prabhuji, excellent preaching. Hare Krishna.
  • Hari Bol......... now the protectors of nation are getting protected by Lord.


  • That is so kool, getting Krishna's name in their mind and body. Bless you for doing that and all your fellow soldiers too.
  • Thanks to you prabhuji for sharing this and koti dandavats to you.Krishna will be so happy on you.Please have mercy on us too..
  • hare krishna pamho.............now wat weapon they need....................mahamantra can do anything
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