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I got this story from my junk mail box and wanted to share with devotees to know their opinion.

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A King had asked three questions which a teen aged girl had answered to the satisfaction of the King and all others.

The questions are (1) Where is God? (2) In which direction is God looking? (3) What is God doing? The teen aged girl asked for the following articles and they were supplied. The articles were:-
(1) a table. (2) a glass of water (3) few ounzes of sugar (4) a spoon (6) a candle (7) a box of matches.

To answer the first question, viz: Where is God? she kept the glass of water on the table for everybody to see and then she showed the sugar to all. Then she put the entire sugar in the water in the glass and she stirred the water well with the spoon till the entire sugar was no more seen. She then asked the King where is the sugar? The King replied it is dissolved in the water. The girl said this is the reply to your first question. Just like the sugar which is not seen but it is dissolved in the water, God cannot be seen but He is omnipresent; He dwells in all objects and living beings in all worlds. The King was entirely satisfied with that answer.

For the second question - viz: In which direction is God looking? the girl put the candle to stand erect on the table and she took the box of matches in her hand. Then she asked the King to ask his servants to shut off all lights and make the place dark. This was done. Then the girl struck one stick of the box of matches and lit the candle. The candle light was burning. She asked the King, Can your Magesty the King say in which direction is the light from the candle going. The King said the light is going in all directions. The girl said that is the answer to your second question. God's vision is in all directions on all things in world.

For the third question - viz: what is God doing? the girl said she can answer that question only if the King will get down from the throne, allow her (the girl herself) to be seated on the throne and exercise all powers of the King. This was done. The girl sat in the throne and told the ex-king, while being a King you should set an example to the ordinary people of the country. But you raised silly questions viz., (1) Where is God? (2) In which direction is God looking? (3) What is God doing? For this, you will be punished. Then she called the Army commander and asked him to handcuff the ex-king. The Army commander did this. Then she told the Army Commander, you have obeyed the orders given by me from the throne and for this I will reward you. I will make you one Minister of this kingdom. After this she got down from the throne and asked the ex-king to sit in the throne. Then she said this is the answer to your third question, viz: What is God doing? The God conducts the entire world, making those who do sins to suffer punishments and thereby become persons who do good deeds, making persons who do good deeds to be blessed and rewarded and so on and so forth. The King was satisfied with the answers and felt ashamed of having raised the questions. Thereafter he conducted himself properly and ruled his kingdom very well.


Hari bol

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