3 Hours North by Bhaktimarga Swami

8034594870?profile=RESIZE_400xDavid, who lives with us in the ashram, drove us north to the very base of the Bruce Peninsula, which divides the Georgian Bay from Lake Huron. It is quite the waterway, an amazing expanse of H2O, minus ocean salt, with clean air. I would call it a place of opulence.

Clavering is a small hamlet. To reach there, David and I got adventurously lost, however, this displacement brought us through some of the prettiest scenery. Then, once we gained our bearings, we coasted by the shores along Collingwood and the Blue Mountain ski area. Despite the extra stretch of travel, we enjoy lost moments, in terms of direction, when it becomes like this—a feast for the eyes.

Situated in Clavering, or just off, on a dirt, lime-crushed road, is my dear god brother, Gopan Ganapati, a Canadian-born bloke, who lives in solitude, in a fine-timbered pioneer home. In the spring deer trail on his property, as well as coyotes. Guess who’s following who, especially when there are fawns?

There are trees galore, hard and soft wooded, and it is currently that time of year when robins are holidaying, not in sight, whereas blue jays are visible. It’s the season for the aggressive jays.

Gopan, David and I ate leftovers from the birthday menu yesterday. We stocked up, in the car, enough prasadam (blessed food) for three senior men to devour—chow mein, gauranga potatoes, dahl puris and pumpkin pie. Yummy for the tummy!

Time was spent conjuring memories of life during our monastic days of the early 70s in Toronto. Gopan is credited for starting the Spiritual Sky business, and incense enterprise, to pay the bills for a new movement in consciousness—Krishna consciousness.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2020/10/tuesday-october-6-2020.html

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