In this week's podcast episode we interview Coach Nick Pereira from Canada. Nick is a business coach who integrates Krishna consciousness in his business. He has also recently opened a preaching center in his home town.

On Janmastami 2018, Coach Nick got initiated by Bhakti Marga Swami and was given the name Nakula dasa.

Now, let's hear...

  • What was the response to his spiritual questions in grade school
  • His challenges and learnings as a young entrepreneur at the age of 17
  • What sage advice he got from his first coach
  • How he was able to regain his spirituality
  • How he integrates Krishna Consciousness in all of his dealings
  • How he juggles his time between his business and the Krishna center he founded
  • The inspiring story of how the Saint John Krishna center evolved from a small group of devotees

Check out the episode here.

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