2 Types of Spiritualists

“There are two types of spiritualists and in the Sanskrit language one is called Bhajananandi and the other is called Ghosti Anandi.Bhajananandi refers to one who personally likes to do spiritual activities, but are more reclusive and are concerned about their own salvation or liberation. Just by their being in the planet they are helping. But they don’t go about of the way to liberate other people. If someone looks them up and asks them, they’ll help them, but they more or less keep to themselves.The other kind is called Goshti Anandi. He is a person concerned with liberating the whole world. He doesn’t want to go back to God alone, he wants to take as many people as possible with him.So Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita says that a person who is teaching the Bhagavad Gita to the devotees, is the most dear to Him. Someone who is giving this knowledge to other devotees is the most dear. So you will find that a lot of devotees are very enthusiastic to give knowledge to others.H H Jayapataka Swami
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  • I also heard about this, but I don't know any scripture that make such a division:
    - spiritualists concerned about their own salvation or liberation
    - spiritualists concerned with liberating the whole world

    Maybe you can help in this connection.

    As much as I know Srila Rupa Gosvami says that the goal (sadiya) of one's sadhana (spiritual practice) is to attain bhava - love towards the Lord and
    - neither to be concerned about one's own liberation
    - nor to be concerned liberation the whole world:

    kRti-sAdhyA bhavet sAdhya-bhAvA sA sAdhanAbhidhA
    nitya-siddhasya bhAvasya prAkaTyaM hRdi sAdhyatA

    (bhakti rasamrita sindhu 1.2.2 )

    "When the goal of the activities of the senses - kRti-sAdhyA
    is the goal called bhava - bhavet sAdhya bhAvA ,
    than they (these activities) are called sadhana-(bhakti) - sA sAdhana-abhidhA.
    The goal is attained - sAdhyatA
    when the eternal perfect bhava - nitya-siddhasya bhAvasya
    is manifested the heart - prAkaTyaM hRdi ."

    The state of bhava which should be attained by sadhana-bhakti is also described in Bhakti Rasa-amrita Sindhu (1.3.1):

    śuddha-sattva-viśesātmā / prema-suryāmśu-sāmyabhāk
    rucibhiś citta-māsrnya krd asau bhāva ucyate

    When the soul -atmā attains her pristine state of pure goodness - śuddha-sattva
    in a specific (relation between devotee and the Lord) - viśesa
    and the sun rays of the divine attraction - prema-suryāmśu
    manifest - sāmyabhāk as his innate consciuousness –citta,
    which is melted – māsrnya by a blend of divine tastes – rucibhiś,
    than one attains the state of Bhava.

    I don't know, in my understanding important is to do sadhana bhakti, namely that which will awake in us the dormant love of God. And Rupa Gosvami says that there are two types of sadhana bhakti.
    But he doesn't say that one type is for one's salvation and the other for the salvation of the world.
    Maybe you know some other shastra which says that.
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