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Current Devotee Employees:

“We are not brahmanas, not vaishyas, nor kshatriyas…we are just servants of servants, and I am trying to apply it into my life” – says, Archana Mataji.

Her main field of service is data entry. She posts daily Diety Darshans, schedules recipes and quotes for subscribers, also posts videos, lectures, photo galleries.
Bhaktin Archana
Bhaktin Sushma

"Hope by rendering service to Vaishnavas I will cultivate qualities like humility and tolerance and in that way only relish the taste of the Holy Names.” –

Pray-fully, replies Sushma Mataji.

She dedicates her 8 hours of her day for the service at IDT. Her service is in audio department. She searches for lectures, with the permission of owners of the lecture, downloads them and renames each lecture according to their contents then compresses them into a smaller size so that others will easily download from any place in the world be it with slow connection and gives for further editing. Daily over 20-30 lectures pass through her hands. 

“In order to achieve something there is need for hard work. So it does not mean that Spiritual people are free people on the contrary they work hard but for Krishna, so I am learning from them to be so…” – says, Padmavati Mataji.

Being an ex student of Gopal’s school Padmavati Mataji learned many things of Vaishnava philosophy from her childhood. So now she is using that knowledge and skills for other’s welfare. She prepares crosswords for kids, and does many other projects.
Bhaktin Padmavati
Bhaktin Prajakta

“In Krishna Consciousness to become a leader means to become servant of all, so trying to be one of them” – says with humility, Prajakta Mataji.

She is in charge of data entry department.

Basically her duty is to distribute services to each Devotee and see if they are doing their service nicely. She checks if everything is done on time and in a proper way. Also collects, posts articles, photos, audios, videos…

“Time given to Krishna and to His Devotees is time which I save, so doing this service I hope and pray to have eternal life” – says, Madhu Mataji.

Madhu Mataji dedicates her 8 hours per day to do service on IDT. Her main duties are connected with entering data. Editing image sizes, for example as like in Hare Krishna wallpapers one huge image of a single Deity is given in over 20 different sizes, and uploading them, checking audios and uploading them and many more such like detailed services.
Bhaktin Madhu
Bhaktin Natasha

“Two things are very important – a very mature and honest understanding of the dangers and sufferings of material existence and faith that the holy name of God has descended to give us supreme shelter.

Feed your faith, your doubts shall starve to death.” – repeats  Natasha Mataji the words of wisdom which is close to her life’s goal.

Her main service for ISKCON Desire Tree is to maintain IDT Facebook page and attract new comers to the web site. Also does SEO for all the web sites.

“Serving to Vashnavas I hope I will perfect my human life and please Guru and Gauranga!”

– With intense hope, says Pusta Gopika Mataji.

Now for 3 years she is in charge of Audio department on IDT. She checks the lectures if they are correctly named according to verses and the lectures. Renames them; checks quality of each lecture; uploads lectures; and publishes them on the web site. In this way, over 30 – 40 lectures are published daily.  
Pusta Gopika Devi dasi
Madan Manjari Devi dasi

-People are suffering so much out of poverty – spiritual poverty, but we got treasure of Krishna Naam, so let’s share It fast!

 With overwhelming enthusiasm says Madanmanjari Mataji.

Intelligent, respectful at the same time confident in nature Madanmanjari Mataji is one of jewels of IDT. She dedicates her 6-8 hours for daily service on IDT. She edits articles for kids, shoots educational videos for IDT Youtube channel, with her sweet voice records texts for many devotional comics in IDT Audio studio and many more.

“Krishna resides in His Devotees’ hearts so I hope serving them with humility and respect I will please Guru and Krishna” – says, Ashok Prabhu.

His main duty is to SEO Optimise all sites in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc search engines, as well as taking back up of all sites from server and to maintain them in a proper way.

Bhakta Ashok

Even if I serve to Devotees life after life I am not able to repay for their kindness…happiness
of present & future Devotees is my goal!

Selflessly opens his heart Manoj Prabhu.

He is in charge of IDT Youtube channel who from morning till late evenings shoots videos, edits, converts and uploads them on the channel. Also contacts preachers, keeps timetable for further video recordings.


“My desire is to become a servant of servants which is loved by my Guru Maharaja.” – says, Parampara Vani Prabhu.

Humble and decent in nature Parampara Vani Prabhu is in charge of all IDT web sevaks trying to be their servants. Also he looks to the technical side of all web sites. He selflessly dedicates his 8-10 hours daily for the network just with the desire to help to spread the glories of the Holy Names. 

 “By the mercy of Lord Chaitanya, it says ‘dumb will start to sing, lame will start to dance’, so we are yearning for that mercy…”  – says, Bhagavat Chintan Prabhuji.

He is expert in arts. He draws images, also makes professional wallpapers for almost all web sites under ISKCON Desire Tree.

“My Guru Maharaj loves me to serve to Devotees, so I am doing his order” – says,

Hitendra Prabhuji.

He is a full time IDT sevak. His main duties are looking for latest videos in YouTube and uploading them on IDT. Also he posts Back To Godhead Magazine in online form for almost 2 years. And many other data entry services like in Srimad Bhagavatam class web site all verses were copied from Veda Base to this web site by him.

 “Only in the association of Krishna Bhaktas I am able to use my capabilities for Krishna’s service.” – Joyfully, says Ranjana Mataji.

She is expert in doing all those web site banners, wallpapers, comics, coloring books and editing images. 

 “My desire is to become a servant of servants which is loved by my Guru Maharaja.”
– says, Malati Mataji.

Her main service is posting data to many web sites. She posts Vaishnava songs, pictures…does research on ISKCON Centers and updates then on the web site, collects photo galleries of Deities from all over the World.

 “My desire is to become a servant of servants which is loved by my Guru Maharaja.”
– says, Umesh Prabhu.

He is a professional artist. He paints devotional images also makes wallpapers for Temples and for many of ISKCON Desire Tree web sites. By the mercy of Lord almost all announcementadvertisement wallpapers and many more were done by him. 

 “If we do not do our best to bring Krishna Consciousness to other beings, we are acting violently toward them. If we do not act to relieve suffering in others, we are doing them an injustice. Krishna Consciousness means the real end of all suffering, so everyone has the right to Krishna Consciousness.” His Holiness
Bhakti Vikash Swami Maharaja.

Devotee gentlemen with good intelligence, knowledge at the same time very respectful to
others Madhav Prabhu dedicates his all energy and time doing service on IDT web sites especially he is in charge of audio recording department.

With his creative thinking abilities he creates
many educational wallpapers, makes web sites, operates video clips, …at the same time preaches on IDT Youtube channel in different Indian languages. 

 “We are trying to be servants of servant’s servants. Is there any OTHER WAY to
please Guru, Srila Prabhupada and Lord Sri Gaura Chandra?!”

With so much humility say Her Grace Kalindi Mataji and His Grace Vaishnava Seva

Vaishnava Seva Prabhu started ISKCON Desire Tree web site in 2002 and took this
service very seriously knowing that in this way he will have chance to reach
souls in every town and village – through Internet.

Daily web site is visited by thousands of users;
-thousands of lectures are made available to download easily;
-hundreds of ebooks;
-live Temple broadcasting which helps Devotees who stay far from the Temple attend all Temple programs and improve their sadhana;
-many Devotees, new comers have chance to take guidance associating with senior Devotees using chat rooms and discussions;
-thousands of blogs;
-unlimited number of vegetarian recipes;
-devotional images;
-over 60 other web sites…


ISKCON Desire Tree Ex-employees

ISKCON Desire Tree Volunteers

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The best charity is to give knowledge! And the best knowledge is knowledge about the soul, God and loving relationship among them. So through this web site we are all  (Preachers, Sponsors, Sevaks, Volunteers, Users and many others) trying to share this mango fruit-spiritual knowledge with everyone in any city or village, any corner of the world being instruments in the hands of Lord Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

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