Srila Sivananda Sena - Disappearance


He was a Vaidya by caste.
In his past incarnation he was Vira Duti.
(GGD. 176).

His Sripata was located at Kumarahatta at Halisahara (Pata Paryatana).

Sivananda had three sons named Caitanyadasa, Ramadasa, and Paramanandadasa (Kavi Karnapura).
Sivananda was one of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's intimate associates.
As directed by the Lord, he escorted the Gaudiya devotees to Nilacala every year, providing them with food and lodging along the way.

During one pilgrimage to Nilacala a dog joined their party and Sivananda took personal care of him, even paying extra fare to allow the dog to across the river along with them.
One night Sivananda was detained for sometime and arrived at the camp late in the evening, only to find that the dog had not been given prasada and, despite a thorough search, the dog was nowhere to be found.
Thus Sivananda did not accept any food that night.
When their party arrived in Nilacala, they found the dog in the presence of the Lord.
The dog was eating some coconut given by the Lord and was chanting, "Krsna, Krsna."
Sivananda offered his humble obeisances at the feet of the dog and apologized.

On another occasion Sivananda was detained and thus accommodations for the party had not been made.
It was quite late at night and Lord Nityananda appeared to be restless and hungry, thus He said, "I am so hungry yet still there is no sign of Sivananda, therefore I curse his three sons to die."
Hearing this Sivananda's wife began to cry.
When Sivananda returned and his wife informed him what had happened, he consoled her saying, "Why are you crying?
Let my three sons die if it is the desire of Lord Nityananda."

Sivananda then went before Lord Nityananda, who kicked him.
Sivananda, however, was extremely happy and said, "Lord, at last I know that you have accepted this wretched soul as Your servant.

Vasudeva Datta was an extraordinarily generous man, thus he never saved any money.
Lord Caitanya therefore directed Sivananda as follows:
"You should become the accountant of Vasudeva and take charge of his expenses."

Once Lord Caitanya appeared within the body of Nakula Brahmacari at Ambika.
Upon hearing this Sivananda went to Ambika but instead of meeting Nakula, he remained hidden.
Hoping to test the authenticity of Nakula brahmacari, Sivananda thought "If that brahmacari calls me by name and speaks out my Istamantra, then I will be convinced that the omniscient Lord Gauranga has truly entered his body.
It happened as Sivananda desired; the brahmacari called him and spoke out his Istamantra.

Once Lord Caitanya, without manifesting Himself physically, partook of food presented by Nrsimhananda in the house of Sivananda.
Not having personally seen the Lord, Sivananda was uncertain of this incident.
However, the next year when visiting the Lord in Puri, Lord Caitanya mentioned the time which He had come to accept prasada at Sivananda's house, thus clearing up Sivananda's doubts.
Before writing his books Kavi Karnapura collected considerable information about Lord Caitanya's life from Sivananda.

The following are references to Sivananda given in CC:
1.20.52 A close devotee of Lord Gauranga.
1.10.52-53 Responsible caretaker of the Gaudiya devotees in their pilgrimage to Nilacala.
2.1.129, 2.16.18-19;25-26, 3.2.160;3.10.11,
2.15.98 Directed by Lord Caitanya to guide all Gaudiya devotees to Nilacala.
2.1.130;3.1.12-28 Paid equal attention to a stray dog along the journey.
2.15.94-97 Directed by Lord Caitanya to take charge of Vasudeva Datta's accounts.
2.16.203 Lord Caitanya visits Sivananda's house on his way from Nilacala to Gauda.
3.2.21-31 Test of Nakula brahmacari.
3.2.41-42;3.2.44-77 Lord Caitanya partaking of food in a subtle form.
3.6.178-180 Letter from Govardhana dasa to Sivananda after the former's son, Raghunatha dasa, renounced home.
3.6.242-244 At Nilacala Raghunatha dasa was informed about his father's letter.
3.6.245-253 On return from Nilacala the messenger of Govardhana is informed about Raghunatha dasa's condition.
3.6.255-258 Govardhana sends money through messenger to Sivananda after learning about his son; Sivananda's advice to the messenger.
3.6.139-148 Sivananda's eldest son, Caitanyadasa, meets Lord Caitanya; the Lord invites Caitanyadasa and the latter also invites the Lord.
3.12.17-31 Receives grace showered by Lord Nityananda on the pretext of chastisement.
3.12.43-48 Lord Caitanya meets the three sons of Sivananda; mystery associated with the name of Puridasa, the youngest son.
3.12.52 Lord Caitanya directs Govinda to pass on the remnants of the Lord's food to the wife and sons of Sivananda as long as they stay at Nilacala.
3.12.101-102 Arrival of Jagadananda at Sivananda's house and preparation of herbal oil.
3.16.60-70 Grace showered by Lord Caitanya on Puridasa.

Further information from GPC :

Sivananda Sena utilized his entire property and wealth in the service of Hari-guru-Vaisnavas.
All his family members, including his friends, servants and three sons (Sri Caitanya dasa, Sri Rama dasa and Sri Karnapura), even his nephew Sri Vallabha Sena were great devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
Sri Sivananda lived in Kumarahatta, which is known as Halisahara.
The Deity Gaura-Gopala which was worshiped by him, is now at Kancrapada, one and a half miles away from Halisahara.

In GGD, Kavi Karnapura writes that Sivananda Sena was the associate of Sri Radha in Dvapara yuga and was known as Vira.
Every year Sivananda took full responsibility for bringing the Gaudiya devotees to Puri on foot.
Once the devotees started their journey on an auspicious day and on their way came to the house of Advaita Acarya at Santipura.
After spending one day there performing sankirtana, they went to the house of Sri Saci devi in Navadvipa, along with Advaita Acarya, his wife and his son.
Mother Saci was living in distress due to separation from her son.
She offered her respects to the devotees, and after serving Sri Advaita Acarya and Sita devi, she began to weep in remembrance of Sri Gauranga.
After consoling her the devotees continued on their journey.

Though Mahaprabhu had advised Sri Nityananda Prabhu to preach and spread love of God, Nityananda set off with the devotees to meet Mahaprabhu.
Amongst the devotees were Sri Acaryaratna, Pundarika Vidyanidhi, Srivasa Pandita and his wife and brothers , Vasudeva Ghosh, Govinda Ghosh, Madhava Ghosh, Murari Gupta Ojha, Sri Raghava Pandita, Narahari from Srikhanda, Gunaraja Khan and many others.
Sivananda Sena's wife and three sons also accompanied the party.
Many of the devotees brought along their wives, who eagerly collected many varieties of food for the pleasure of Mahaprabhu.
Sivananda took charge of paying the fares and food of the devotees.
Wherever they spent the night, they engaged in sankirtana.

One year Sri Sivananda, along with his first son Sri Caitanya dasa, came to Puri.
When Mahaprabhu asked Sivananda why he named the boy as such, Sivananda replied that he had been inspired from within.
One day, by his father's instruction, Caitanya dasa invited Mahaprabhu to their house for prasada.
Mahaprabhu accepted the invitation and when He came to their house, Sivananda and his wife showed Him great respect and offered Him various types of food.
Being very pleased the Lord said, "Today Caitanya dasa invited me."
Caitanya dasa then placed various items such as curd, lemon, ginger, fry, salt, etc. in front of Mahaprabhu, who happily said,
"This boy knows my mind, therefore I am very satisfied with his service."

With those words Mahaprabhu began eating with great pleasure and after finishing He gave the food left on His plate to Caitanya dasa.
After spending four months in the Lord's association, the devotees from Bengal were preparing to leave when Mahaprabhu told Sivananda that he should name his next son Puri dasa.
Sivananda became very happy and with the blessings of Mahaprabhu, returned to Gauda.

After a few months a son was born and the astrologer gave him the name Paramananda.
The next year Sivananda and the devotees visited Puri.
As usual Sivananda arranged for their boarding and food and the devotees eventually arrived in the presence of the Lord.
Along with the devotees, Sivananda happily participated in singing and dancing before the Ratha of Sri Jagannatha Deva.

One day Sivananda and his wife came to Mahaprabhu and the little child fell down at the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu and fixed his eyes on the reddish feet of the Lord.
A bit amused, Mahaprabhu gently placed His toe in front of the little boy, who began to suck the toe with great pleasure.
The devotees present were filled with joy and began chanting the holy name.
This child later became the poet Kavi Karnapura Gosvami.