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Hare Krishna! Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. 
Many devotees have been seeking our guidance to make posters & print designs for temples, preaching programs, festivals, etc. We are in contact with freelance, professional devotee graphic designers. We will help you connect to these devotee graphic designers. This way as your servants, we will humbly try to assist you in your preaching activities. Connecting you to the right designer is our seva & this is free from our side. However, you will have to pay to these devotee freelancers directly for your graphic designs.

What types of print graphics can I order?

We can make print graphics for following occasions:
- Festivals: like Janamasthami, Radhasthami.
- Events: like World holy name day, Rath yatra
- Seminars: like Anger management, Time management
- Courses: like Bhgavad Gita Course, Science of self realisation
- Regular programs: like Sunday funschool, Sunday feast programs
and many others.

Can I see your templates?

Can I have images of my choice?

Yes! We are flexible and we can use even your images. However, please ensure that the images are of higher resolutions. Send us your image by email attachment or send us the url of the image. It will help if you also describe in details as to how you want us to compose it. Optionally, you can give us the basic theme of the design.

How to order?

We suggest that you email the following specifications.

---------COPY BELOW---------
Landscape/ Portrait
Format: pdf/jpeg
Design size: width_______X height_______in inches
Resolution:________in dpi
Title details: text, location of text, font type ; font size
Subtitle: text, location of text on the image, font ; font size preference. 
Speaker: text, location of text on the image, font ; font size preference.
Description/ Program details: location of text on the image, font & font size preference
Date: Time: Venue:
Contact details:
Image template link from our gallery or Your image links or Your images (send as an email attachment).

Once you have send the above details, you may call us. This is not compulsory but it will help us serve you better. Contct our chief visual artist - Bhakta Umesh Modak - email: or call: 9224258250.

What are the charges?

Once you send your requirements, the devotee graphic freelancers will give you a quote directly. We have instructed them to be as reasonable as possible and genuinely assist you in your preaching activities.

Can I have the graphic designs free?

We use to offer this seva free from 2006 - 2011. However, due to cost restraints we are unable to continue to do so.
We have some devotees who have volunteered for free seva. You may contact them directly:
Bhaktin Frances Lane
Bhakta Ajinkya Kalantri
You can visit their pages and see their collection.

Can I join?

Most welcome! You can join by contributing graphics that you have already made in past. This way you can help us build a bigger collection of templates and samples. Thus devotees will get a wider choice for choosing the templates. The other way is by volunteering to make graphics for devotees. Please contact us and we will add your name to the list of volunteers. 

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