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" Hare Krsna" TV launched on Janmashtami 2016

ISKCON Desire Tree & Hare Krsna Content Broadcast Pvt Ltd  bring to you" A 24x7 TV Channel dedicated to human wellbeing through Krishna Consciousness "

On eve of ISKCON's 50th Anniversary, Hare Krsna TV Channel is an effort to celebrate the diverse cultural elements of our planet, all weaved together with the strong bond of Krishna consciousness. 

* 7 hours of fresh content daily

* 3 distinct time bands: Breaking Dawn / Afternoon / Evening

* Content from across 6 continents

* Engaging and Exclusive World-Music content 

* Thought provoking discourses on ancient Indian Vedic texts in English

* Popular talks by the most prolific and entertaining speakers

On the occasion of Janmashtami, we feel privileged and grateful to share with you the HARE KRSNA TV app for android devices.
You can download it on your android smartphone from the following link

You can also watch the HARE KRSNA TV on your computer screen at

With this streaming app, you can experience the grace of the Hare Krsna movement popularly known as ISKCON flowing into your life 

As we evolve, we will feature amazing content from around 600 ISKCON Centres worldwide and showcase the best of Music, Events, Yatras, Kirtans, Bhajans, Lectures, Documentaries, Talks, Entertaining stories, Food shows, Lifestyle content, Children's shows, Vedic analysis, Geeta Discourses and much more...

Here is the current programming lineup

#1 RECITATION : Bhagavad Gita - ‘As It Is’

The most important text of Indian culture is passionately narrated by the best of the ISKCON speakers, from around the world. The treasure of Srila Prabhupada’s glorious translation is shared through fascinating tales and anecdotes that make for an engaging show

#2 SATVIK : Cook for the Higher Taste

The passion and joy of cooking the most delicious yet nutritious recipes from the world of ISKCON which runs over 100 restaurants around the world.  Featuring facts on nutrition and the spiritual significance of ‘Satvik’ or ‘Pure’ food for human life

#3 KIRTAN: When the Soul Sings

The essence of ISKCON is ‘Bhakti Yoga’ and its clearly reflected in the infectious ‘Kirtans’ of the Hare Krsna devotees from around the world. We bring to you the best of the magical Kirtans, throughout the day and each one is going to lift your spirits to deliver eternal joy 


ISKCON’s core is formed by deep knowledge of the divine and Lord Krishna is revered for his wise ways of living life. We bring to you curated wisdom offerings from the wisest and most influential personalities from the world of ISKCON and brighten your way to this kingdom of wisdom


The seeking spirit is always encouraged at ISKCON. Come and explore the world of Krishna Consciousness and get answers to your every question on life & beyond


Discover the world of ISKCON through the most thought provoking documentaries made by passionate filmmakers from around the world. Each one is is a class apart and has been made by absolute surrender to the divine

#7 PATH OF THE PLAYFUL : Kids Animated Stories

ISKCON has always revered the playfulness of Krishna through the children of its devotees. This show is completely dedicated to our little playful Krishnas who are sure to enjoy amazing stories from the world of ISKCON and Lord Krishna

#8 RHYTHM DIVINE: Vaishnava Bhajans

Singing in praise of the divine and forming an eternal bond with the Lord has been the highlight of the ISKCON movement. We bring to you the best bhajans from around the world, that will take you on a rhythmic joyride to discover the divinity within

#9 GURU’S GRACE : Various Lectures by different ISKCON Leaders

Much respected and honoured worldwide for being one of the the most influential and prolific spiritual guides of our time, His Holiness Radhanath Swami will mesmerise us with his pearls of wisdom


A life dedicated in the service of the divine and inspiring generations after generations to leave the path of destruction and discover everlasting joy, love, peace and harmony with fellow humans … is what makes the the life of these extraordinary folks so graceful. We feature them all with great reverence 


With millions of devotees and each one speaking the language of love, this show will feature several human stories from around the world and show us how and what makes the ISKCON movement the most inspiring phenomenon of the human race


Although there are many variety of events conducted by ISKCON,  Rath-Yatras are the most interesting, colourful, musical and exciting roadshows that also touch upon the lives of several non-devotees who witness and participate in the joy of celebrating life. We feature the most vivid and assorted Rath-Yatras from around the world

The channel is set to launch soon on Android & IOS also in some MSO & DTH on INDIA. Its currently Broadcasted on Real Tv In Australia , & ZTV4u in Netherlands , Germany , Sweden & neighbouring areas.
A test feed is also available through live streaming on

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