Ask Doctor

What is our objective?
This is an online service trying to connect devotees all over world with volunteer doctors/health professionals. Here, we will try to take care of you by offering holistic health care advice.
As devotees, we know that our body is the temple of the supersoul. Hence we have to keep this temple healthy and clean. If our body is fit than we can serve Krishna nicely.
Our goal is that devotees should have the best of health so that they can fully engage in Krishna's service. This way we can assist you in your service to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Who needs it?
Birth, old age, disease & death are the hallmarks of material nature. Thus all devotees will have some health issues at certain stage of their life & thus they will undoubtedly need medical advice.
Some of the common reasons devotees conatct us are:
• Do not know which type of doctor to contact?
• No response to treatment?
• Fed up of contradictory medical advices?
• Need a holistic approach?
• Need a second opinion?
• Worried if your chronic health problem would become life threatening?
• No money to take medical advice or worried about healthcare cost?
Am I eligible?
This services are available only to devotees of International society of Krishna consciousness (ISKCON). You can be an ISKCON devotee from any temple or congregation. You can be from any part of world. You have taken shelter of Srila Prabhupada's mission & we are your servants - trying to be in a mood of dasdasanudas.
What is our role?
Our role is a facilitator. You have a medical problem; we offer you a facility on this page to contact professionals.
Should I quit my local doctor?
We are not a replacement of your existing local doctor or your hospital. We will give you second opinion. We can cross check if the treatment recieved by you is best. Consider us as your a friend and guide for medical care.
What is the process?
You submit data of your medical problems to any of our devotee doctors on the panel. They will respond to your health needs. This you may follow if you feel comfortable.
What is the cost?
It's totally free! We are here to give you service. We will try to ensure that you have the best of the health and thus assist you in your service to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. If you like, you are most welcome to support our services to vaishnavas by giving donations. The doctor may charge you if he / she feels its necessary.
What is the waiting period?
We do understand your anxieties. Once you contact the specialist, they will give their opinion as early as possible. However, at times the waiting period for getting advice may be longer than expected. This maybe due to many factors - unclear or inadequate medical data provided by you, rare medical problems, busy specialist who is not able to keep up his communication, etc. In such case, write to We will try to help you as much as possible but at times situation may be frustrating. Please bear with us. We discourage you to wait for our response in emergency or life threatening situations.
What about confidentiality?
We hope that your communications with the individual doctors on the panel will be kept confidential. We have no interest in sharing your data with any medical agencies, advertisement agencies or any database freaks. We instruct our referrals to keep utmost confidentiality.
Will it be best advice?
Especially devotee’s health, we know, is utmost valuable. If a devotees is healthy, than he can continue to preach Krishna consciousness & thus salvage the lost souls from this material world. Hence, we would like to provide you the most professional medical advice. However, due to the nature of this material world, we have imperfect senses and a tendency to make mistakes. Doctors may try their best to judge your health situation remotely and try to give you best advice, but still sometimes if Krishna has some other plans, we may not always be in a position to give the right advice.
As devotees we understand that the material nature is very vast and health issues at times are very difficult to judge. Even the best doctors or best hospitals do misjudge the situation of a patient. The possibility of misjudging health related issues increases when trying to judge remotely through internet. Also, sometimes there would be a possibility that our doctors may have technical limitations due wide spectrum of medical presentations. The devotee doctors will try to give you the best advice, unmotivated by personal gains, uninfluenced by pharmaceutical industry & their glamorous advertisements. However, we understand that there will be limitations. Doctors are not demigods or magicians. They are not yogis who can travel at the speed of mind or tantrics who can enter your body and rightly diagnose and treat the disease. Hence, ultimately after we give you advice, we would like you to choose the right treatment path.
What are the legal implications?
Our advice is not legally binding to either of us. We are providing free online advice which cannot be used for any legal/ medico legal situations. We cannot help you in medical professional litigation cases. Our advice cannot be quoted in the court of law. As online advisors, we do not take any legal responsibility of any nature.
How to get free medical guidance?
Write to any of the devotee doctors on the panel below. We prefer email for communication. Please introduce yourself. Please write down your chief medical complaints/ symptoms with duration, past history & relevant family medical history. If you have some reports to share than please scan them and send them as email attachments.
Who are the devotee doctors on panel?
We have devotee doctors specialised in various fields of medicines from various locations around the globe. A large group of doctor volunteers are working in Bhaktivedanta Hospital in India.
Following are volunteers who would like to help devotees with certain specialised services:

Ayurvedic Practitioner
Ananga Sakhi devi dasi, UK,
Nirmal Chandra Das, Mumbai, India,
Damodar Krishna das, India,

Srinivasa Raghavan, India,
Dr.Dharmendra Kumawat (Damodar Hari Das), India - (Time - 10am to 2pm)
Dr.Manju Vaishnav -

Anand Sindhu Das -

Vaishnava Seva Dasa , General and Laparoscopic surgeon, India -(91) 9321164690, (91) 9821164690, 

Plastic Surgeon
Sreenivasa Rao Ramavath, Ireland, 001- 416 - 617 - 8174,

Kulin Tantod, US,
Sreelaxmi Choudarapu, UK,
Pankaj Dubey, Ahmedabad, India,
Sunil Vaswani, 

Preeti Sharma, New York,

Rukmini mataji, Mumbai., India

Murlidhar Prabhu, Mumbai., India,
Jaganath Vallabh Das, Mumbai, India,
Laxmi Verma, Agra, India -
Yitin Mendiratta ( Yasoda Krsna Das ), Delhi, India - 

Dinbandhu Prabhu, UK,

Rasmanjari Devi Dasi, Mumbai, India,
Speech therapist and Audiologist
Vahini Rajawat,

Physiotherapy / Physical therapy
Bhakta Kiran K Guditi, Australia,

Acupuncture, Homeopathy
Sjef Pents, Rotterdam, Holland,
Chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition
Edwin M. Fissinger, USA,,
De-addiction from Smoking, Alcohol and drugs
Sunil Vaswani, 

Can I volunteer?
We are looking for volunteers from various countries. If you are from medical profession/ health care industry and would like to offer your services than please contact us. This is a wonderful oppourtunity to serve the vaishnavas.
What about emergency?
In case of emergency situation you may contact: Vaishnava seva dasa, General and Laparoscopic surgeon, Bhaktivedanta Hospital, India -(91) 9321164690, (91) 9821164690
Report Problem with medical services
In case you are not satisfied with the service provided by doctors listed above, contact