Ara Keno Maya Jale

Ara Keno Maya Jale

ara keno maya-jale paditecho jiva-mina
nahi jano baddha ho'ye ro'be tumi cira-dina

ati-tuccha bhoga ase bandi ho'ye maya-pase
rohile vikrta-bhave dandya jatha parsdhina

ekhona bhakati-bale krsna-prema-sindhu-jale
krida kori' anayase thako tumi krsnadhina


1) O jiva, why have you become like a fish fallen into Maya's net? You do not know that you will be trapped in
that net for a very long time.

2) Yearning to taste pathetic pleasures, you remain trapped in Maya's net. Your life is unnatural. You are sick at
heart. Dependent on others, you are punished again and again.

3) By the power of devotional service, you will be set free. Playing in the ocean of love for Krsna, you will take
shelter of Krsna and be His servant.

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