What is an altar?
An altar is a divine and consecrated place used for worshiping Lord Sri Krishna. It is a sacred space where we connect to the supreme personality of Godhead. It is a special place which helps us to w… Read More »

Why do you need an altar?
Chanting the holy name is the highest form of worship. Altar helps us in this divine process of worshiping the supreme. An altar reminds us that there is God. Japa and kirtana are more effective when… Read More »

Where to set up the altar?
An altar can be at any clean and calm place, since this is a place where you can spend your private moments with Lord. For congregational chanting and dancing in front of altar a larger room is prefe… Read More »

What to place on altar?
Lord Krishna & his associates are so kind that they agree to come on our altar as per our desire. They accept our worhip even though they are in a deity or photo form. The basic items to be kept… Read More »

Download Altar Photos
Following are photos required for Altar. They are available in various sizes. Download sets that fit your altar size. These are high resolution images that can be printed on photographic paper. It wi…Read More »

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