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  • Thank You! They are some of my favorites!
    Hare Krishna!
  • Hare Krishan radhe ji
    This is suraj thanks to you for sending a very beautiful ladoo gopal. Potrait is realy soo beautiful that it touches my heart.

    Hari hari bol.
  • hari hari mtg
    pamho n dp
    very cute pic i really don't hve ne words. Gopalji is basically very lovable.
    hare krishna.
  • Thanks Swati!!! For a sending me a very very beaustiful Ladoo Gopal's Potrait
    I wish that lord krishan full fill all your desires and do mercy on you.
    So that you can get more and more and more krisha kirpa and devotion.
    Now Dil se ... A Very very Happy Krishan Janamashtmi to you.
  • Now what is the meaning of MOKSHA. Human beings suffers a lots of at the time of birth and death. we are forgotten when we take birth and feel more more and more suffers at that time. After taking 8.4 millions births now krishan gives us this human birth. we suffers 16.8 millions times as taking the birth or death. we were animals. we were birds but now we are human beings at this birth. If this birth we forget lord krishan we have to go in next birth of animals or birds. And after 8.4 millions births we will get human body. Because a human body can serve that almighty lord krishan.
  • Hare krishna Mataji
    Your Servent
  • Hare Krishna
    Mataji ek sambodhan hai
    ISKCON ke shishtachar antargat kisi bhi girl / female ko Mataji aur Boy / Male ko Prabhuji kehte hai.
  • hare Krishna Mataji
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