parul saxena posted a status
Sep 6, 2019
Today is Radhashtami...I got up as usual 5.45am in the morning to get ready for the office and to prepare food for the family. When i get i saw my mother in law taking bath in the bathroom. We have common attached bathroom. I had to wait and again i got late today for office. She today get up early in the morning because she has to go to temple. I prepared food lunch and breakfast she came with a plate of chole bhaute offered by the temple . She ate 1 plate there get 1 plate at home and again ran away to temple to carry 1 plate and my preapared food now will get waste. You know how i am suffering i am feeling like i should kill her. I pray to god please punish her i am doing everything for my family and she is wasting food comes in my way to office i daily gets late. If i have to leave job how will my home run. whether god teach us to waste food? whether god teach us ki jo ghar chala raha he use pareshan karo... WHy why god is not punishing her i m just feeling like crying why god is doing with us so.

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