parul saxena posted a status
Aug 26, 2019
My parents are living on rent in a very old home with some other tenants. They have to suffer rain, summer due to open roof. My mother in law is enjoying her life after my marriage she is at home and goes to ISKON temple nearby daily and that temple in every 2 or 3 days offer dinner. My mother in law eats there and me my husband and father in law eat simple dal roti at home and sometimes basi roti due to leftover roti of lunch. She doesn't care what we eat she only focuses on delicious food at tempple which is provided in every 2 or 3 days. My mother on the other hand works for their survival wales up at 5 am and comes from school at 3PM cooks food and does household work. She gets tired due to age affect even facing hardship due to very old home.
What is this she is enjoying in temple and my mother is suffering no such temple is there moreover she is bound in so many problems.

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