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  • Thank you. A greeting so special to me coming from the Lord's devotee. HK


  • Hare Krishna Dandavat Pranam

    Thanks for the birthday comment.

    You know Rajeev, my life swing between two types of persons in this world. One type is devotees and the other is the karmis who are abound in this world. Most of the interaction takes we the karmis.

    I am gladden at seeing your comment being given in a Krishna conscious attitude.

  • Hare Krsna

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Thank you for giving me the opprtunity to accept you as my friend.

    with dandavat pranam,

    aspiring to be your servant,

  • Hari Bol Prabhu JI !


    Great to see you here.

  • Volunteer

    Pranam Prabhu. Hare Krishna.
    I wish you all success in Krishna Consciousness.
    May Lord Krishna always bless and protect you,
    and bestow His Mercy upon you and may He
    fill your life with peace and love; harmony
    and wisdom. Take care, bye.

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