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  • jehi per jehi satya sanehi so mileo sandheh nahi agar bhakti sachi ha to bhagawan milege
  • binu satsang vivak na hoi ram kripa bina sulabh na soi satsang maheema ja e nahi bakhani
  • harekrishna like mineded persons conpany will hrlp us for improvement of bhakti more and more devotee collect togher and chanting the mahamantra will creat a bhakti bhavana in chowpati let me know the location so that i can get darshan
  • HariBol... PAMHO... Have a great Krishna conscious day!!!
  • HARE KRISHNA MATAJI , KINDLY TELL ME WHAT SERVICE IS THIS a:1"(i:0;s:6: "other": ), plz explain
  • Hare Krishna...
    Its great you are going to vrindavan...with whom u are going..I have been to vrindavan with Gauranga Prabhu...and go to Rambalram Mandir..Hare bole....All Glories to shrila prabhubad..
  • Hare Krishna...
    How is Bhakti going on..?
    how are y?
    All Glories To Shrila Prabhupad...!
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