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  • Hare Krishna Mataji. Thank you for being the first one to comment on my page and for the encouraging words. Kind souls who spend their time thinking about how to cheer up strangers are few in numbers. Hare Krishna. Thank you. 

  • Hare krishna mataji and thank you so much for those words u send me,i was really nice :)

  • Thank you very much Padmavati ji I really enjoyed reading that note you had send me. 

    May god bless you with all the desires you wish for. I always love Krishna and I always love to know more about him. This life is not enough to know and learn whatever the age is we are learning again and again the new things which we may or may not know. Please give information  about anything that I have to know about will be of help. 

  • Hare Krishna Mataji, my reverences, thanks a million for your wonderful comment and all the good wishes you sent me, I certainly need devotee association, even if it is only through internet and not personally.  My devotee name is Mada Dayini and if you know how I can change that in my prifile I would appreciate it very much, my facebook has my name and below my devotee name, but I'm not very good with computers,  thanks very much and may kRISHNA bless your generosity, Haribol,  Mada Dayini d.d.




  • Hare Krsna!!!

    Thankyou mataji for your wonderfull and warm words.

  • Hare Krishna!!

    Thank you so much for such beautiful words and the warm welcome mataji. Your Special words truly made my day.:)

  • Hare Krishna..!!! :)

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