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  • hare krsna...

  • Hare Krishna Mataji,  please accept my humble obeisances... very grateful for your blessings on a fallen soul like me... please pray for me so I can get little for Krishna naam... Hare Krishna... 

  • Hare krishna mataji..dandbat pranaam......feeling very greatful for your kind blessings on this extreme impure soul. your kind direction is always needed  and blessings too.

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  • Hare Krishna Mataji, my obeisances.

    Thank you for your nice prayers and blessings. I am very grateful to you. Hare Krishna

  • Thank you Padmavati mataji..for your valuable blessings..Hare krishna.

  • Hrae Krishna mataji! Thanks for the blessings. May RADHAKRISHNA bless you ! HARI HARI

  • Hare Krishna, Thanks for sending blessings

  • hari bol mataji for sending me blessings:) plz send me invition for women community so that i could join it

  • dhanyawaad mataji.

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