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  • Hare Krishna!

    Thank you mataji for accepting my friend request.

  • Thank you mataji for your blessings.Hare Krishna!

  • Pamho. Thank you very much for your sincere prayers for me...

    Hare Krishna.

  • Harekrishna mataji, i am greatful to all of u for urs blessings
  • My deepest gratitude to you Mataji for your blessings and prayers on this insignificant fallen soul.

  • Thank you very much for welcoming me and blessing me on entering desire tree. Very kind of you and assure you that I will follow your guidance,

  • hare krishna prabhu AGTSP thank you for your comment ;;; pleases chant your roungs prabhu and krishna will reward you in the life

  • hare krishna padmavathi mathaji thank u so much for ur blessings for me radhe radhe bye

  • Hare Krishna.. 

    pronam mataji and thank you so much for your blessings..

  • pranam padmavati mata ji actually if u dont mind will u teach me  from where u took those wonderful messages ,photos, videos which u have send me if u help me in this regard i will be greatefull to u hare krishna mata ji


This reply was deleted.