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  • Thanks a lot dear mataji .Please accept my humble obeisances mataji..... I am very honestly trying to develop all this divine qualities . we are so lucky that by prabhupada's mercy we all have very wonderful platform to associate with one another &  wonderful opportunity to increase our love for our beloved Radhey krishna ......Hope we can attain it.....I am very grateful to u for wishing me best luck . I need serious help of all devotees like u to attain good qualities ........ Very very Thanks ...Please keep guiding so as to be very serious in devotional service.........Hari bol....... Hare krishna  .............. Radhey Radhey .........All glories to prabhupada n all vaishnavas..........

  • Hare Krishna Matag.Dandavat Pranam.Thanks a lot for making your dearest devotee.I am not a best and capable devotee as my view.I want to live like a junior devotee of all of you because I am new to Krishna Consciousness.I am trying to improve my devotional and spritiual service too.I am of 19 years young devotee.I live in Nepal.My city name is Dharan.We are luckiful to have a International Sociey For Krishna Consciousness Temple in Dharan.Ours temple President name is Hari Govinda Das and he is the disciple of H.H.Prabhavishnu Swami.I am the disciple of H.H.Mahavishnu Swami.With the help of your mercy I think I can really improve my devotional service.Thanks a lot for your comment.Hari Bollll.Gauranga

  • radhe radhe mataji!

  • Radhe, Radhe!! Thank you sincerely for the beautiful welcome. Unexpected and uplifting. All blessings upon you as well. I'll be looking for those prayers.

    Nitai Gauranga!  Hare Krishna!

  • radha radha. thank you. may the lord of all bless u too. radha radha.

  • Hare Krishna! Dear Mataji, thank you so much for your desires and enlightening words! I apreciate too much..

    Best regards!

  • Hare krishna.....Thanks a lot dear mataji....I am so grateful to u for welcoming me with such a wonderful blessings......... Please accept my humble obeisances...... with love & best wishes to u too..... Hari bol ........ Radhe Radhe .......

  • Pranams and dandavats Maa

    Hare Krishna

    Thanks for transcendental photo of Lord Sri Radhey Krishna

    Your obediently

    Govinda Dasa

  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    Thank you for your message and blessings.

  • hare krishna mataji your wonderful blessing is always showering on me .

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