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  • Hare Krishna  respected mataji, thank you so much! your servant


  • Hare Krishna!!..


    All Glories to Gaur Gauranga & Srila Parbhupada.

    Thank You , For your kind words. I  believe taking shelter in lotus feet of lord Krishna definitely imbibes  we all blessings & mercy of krishna.

    Hare krishna! Hari Bol!

  • Hare Krishna.. Thanks a lot for ur blessing... ^_^

  • Hare krishna....!!!! mataji
    thanx a lot for your blessings......!!!
  • Hari bol! Thanks for your comments cum blessings!

  • Hare krishna Derast Padmavati Mataji Dandwat pranam

    What is 4 pilor of Dhram ?

  • Hare Krishna mataji.....thank you so much for your blessings....:-)

  • Hare Krishna!! m so g8tfull for all the info dat u shared:) ur daily Sadhna practice very inspiring to any1, at the same time it also made me realize dat whr do i stand 2day n whr i need to reach!! thank u so much for everything...:)

  • Hare Krishna Mathji,


    Thank you soo much, to come this stage pls bless me


    you servent


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