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  • Pranams and dandavats Maa

    Hare Krishna

    Maa thanks for giving glimpse of lotus feet of Sri Krishna

    Yours obediently

    Govinda Dasa

  • harre krishna mataji



  • hare krishna mataji!....  thanks a lot

  • Hare Krishna Padmavati mataji. Thank you so much for your blessings. I would like to dedicate this blissful bhajan perfomed in Russia to you. :)

    True Merin

  • Pranam Mata ji.............Thanks lot for your great blessing,spirit and love.

    Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna Hare Hare

    Hare Rama hare Rama Rama hare hare .

  • thank you mataji for inspiring us with great heart.

  • Pranams and dandavats Maa

    Hare Krishna

    Thanks for the blessings which I always need.

    Just want to tell You, I am passing time by chanting and

    reading BG, SB and other religious books among all threats

    and false complaints by office union leader and rest You know.

    Just to implicate me and harassment at the hands of police.

    I am just manage to survive by Your virtues.

    Yours obediently

    Govinda Dasa

  • thanks a lot mataji...radha rani apki sb manokamna puri kre..hari bol

  • HAREKRISHNA mataji thankyou for your blessings, love and best wishes. hope i could continue to chant with more sincierity, dedication and devotion. ||HAREKRISHNA HAREKRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE|| HARE RAM HARE RAM RAM RAM HARE HARE||

  • Hare Krishna!!!!
    Thank you for the inspiring comment mataji

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