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  • Thakns A Lot.... Hari Bol.

  • Hare Krishna Mathaji.

    Thank u so much for ur wishes and blessings.

    Its really so great to get blessings from a senior devotee.

    It helps me to get spiritually advanced.

    Thank u so much.

    your servant.

  • thanks for all the blessings....Hare Krsna......

  • thank you very much for your kind words.....

  • thank you very much for your best wishes and blessing

  • Hare Krsna mataji.... thank you for your blessings :)

  • Hare Krsna mataji..thanks for all of your blessings...Hare Krsna....

  • Dandavat pranams! many thanks for your blessing an god wishes! hope Krishna mercifully give you spiritual strength to continue enligthening devotees in spiritual knowledge!

    Hare Kriwshna!

    greatfully yours,

  • Hare Krishna.

    Pranam Mathaji. It's really encouraging to hear from you. Mathaji, I need a help. Do you know any guruji in Chennai ISKCON, to whom I can surrender and request to be my spiritual guide? I am like a sapling. I need to be guarded till I grow to a tree. This much realization has come to me. Now in search of a spiritual guide who can guide me to Krishna. Kindly let me know.

  • Thank you Mother,
    I feel as my mother has blessed me,your blessings was received on the day of my nakshatra birthday ,am sure my dear lord Krsna has spoken thru you mother

    My Pranams
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