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  • hare krishna mtj, thank u so much for ur blessings 

    hari bol!

  • Hare Bhol Mata-Ji,

    Ty very much indeed for your kind blessings & thoughtful words.

    I visit Manor quite often & probably know you dear Mata-Ji, - however, i am awful with names.

    I usually serve Maha & Prasadam on Ekadashi days when i nearly always try to visit by Sri Krsna's mercy.

    I humbly, & very honestly thank you again for your kind words , especially imparted to me upon this very Auspicipus month.

    May our ma,  RadahRani, & our eternal father sri Syamsundara always enlighten us from within so we overcome each second & win this war we have all pledged to wage against the disastrous temptations of maya.

    As Srl.Prb.Pada say, "use your intelligence to push forward'.

    Sounds simple enough, but applied is tough.

    We need to use our intelligence to control the demands of the mind, only then can we stop the on-slaught of temptation.

    ...To Think, Then you Feel, Then you Enact any Action. - Glorious logic!!! for me, as instructed I do my best at the thinking point to nip all tempting thoughts of the mind at that stage . ..Prb.Pada so wonderfully explains in Bg.

    Anyway, might see you Monday. . .I may not serve as there is a very special devotee friend of mine who has been at Manor for years, but was very ill with Lupus of late.

    BhagaDatta Prb-Ji, & wife Jayanti KRsna's mercy has recovered & intend to visit him at his home.

    Many thanks again,

    Much Luv.....



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  • Hare Krishna Mataji


    Thank you for praying.....Take care...



  • Hare Krishna. You post such wonderful pictures/videos. Thankyou.:)



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  • thank u  mataji  ur blessings will definetely bring happiness and succour to my life 

    my humble pranams

  • Hare Krishna mata ji, thank you for your blessings

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Padmavati mataji, please accept my most humble and respectful obeisances. AGTSG! AGTSP!

    Thankyou very much for you kind and sweet words. They were mellows to me! I pray to Lord Chaitanya who is all merciful, may He always shower His blessings and mercy upon kind souls like you. May your place be always at the lotus feet of Krishna. You'r doing a wonderful job on IDT. All you'r blogs are really very helpful, and the great the thing is that they'r all provided with reference. Please keep on showering your mercy upon us. My love and heartfelt wishes.

    Your servant,



  • thank you mataji i feel to deliver same messsage upon you pray to lord krishna more more advancement in krishna consciousness what i can tell from this fallen soul i really bow my head to such senior devotee thank you and may you arise more in devotional activities.

  • HARE KRSNA! PAMHO, AGTSP...Thanks Mataji...Hari Bol !

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