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    Hare Krishna Padmavati mataji, please accept my most humble and respectful obeisances. AGTSG! AGTSP!

    Thankyou very much for you kind and sweet words. They were mellows to me! I pray to Lord Chaitanya who is all merciful, may He always shower His blessings and mercy upon kind souls like you. May your place be always at the lotus feet of Krishna. You'r doing a wonderful job on IDT. All you'r blogs are really very helpful, and the great the thing is that they'r all provided with reference. Please keep on showering your mercy upon us. My love and heartfelt wishes.

    Your servant,



  • thank you mataji i feel to deliver same messsage upon you pray to lord krishna more more advancement in krishna consciousness what i can tell from this fallen soul i really bow my head to such senior devotee thank you and may you arise more in devotional activities.

  • HARE KRSNA! PAMHO, AGTSP...Thanks Mataji...Hari Bol !

  • Thank you

  • Hare Krishna !

    Thank you very much. My counsellor name is Dinanath Pr. I am alway connected to my counsellor. Once again Thank you very much and also Lord krishna  protect you.

    Hare Krishna !

  • thank very much!!! Hare krsna...

  • thanku matagi .hare krishna .i am trying to lesen the lucturs of srila prabhupad  and his dear desiple gour govind swami maharaj.hare krishna mathaji 

  • Oh, stupid mind, why have you come to this material world? Having achieved this rare human birth, if you won’t do hari- bhajana then are you actually a human being? You are not a human being. mānuṣākāra hoile ki haya koro bhūta kara — You may have gotten the body of a human being, but your activities are those of a ghost. Otherwise why are you not uttering the name of Sri Krishna Govinda? A ghost cannot utter Krishna’s names. You have gotten a human body but if you are not uttering the name of Sri Krishna Govinda then your activities are like that of a ghost.

    Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami 
    From a lecture in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. 1 May 1995.

  •  thnaks a lot mataji

  • bht bht dhanywad mataji...m dhany ho gya sch m..i feel gr8

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