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  • Dandavats Dear Padmavati Dasi,
    Are you the administrator for the website?
    Thank you for blessing me.
    Lord Krsna has blessed me in so many ways. I feel lucky to be blessed in this way, and for my divine Guru who led me to Krsna Consciousness.
    I truly wish you all the blessings of this world and beyond; may Krishna and Radhe rain rose petals down upon you!
    With Love Light and Smiles
  • Radhe Krishna

    Thanks for your wishes

  • Hare Krishna Mataji,


    Thanks a lot for the wonderful blissful wishes... Please guide us as we are totally lost in this material world...


    Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krsna
    Thanks a lot mata ji. Please always upload more videos of prayer and lectures which increase our Krishna Conscious.
    Always guide us.
  • Hare Krishna....

    Thanks U so much mataji. Please always guide us so that we can progress in the service of Lord & Bhakti life...

  • thanks for adding me hare krishna


    Mataji you give me your mercy like my mother thank you very very much.

  • hk hk kk hh hr hr rr hh thk

  • Thank you very   much for your kind wishes/blessings ! Let us all pray lord krishna , " Avgun mhara beesrajo jee ...... Beda paar lagaajo jee......Daasi thari janam janam ki , mharaa aangan aajo jee ......mharee preet nebhaajo  "

  • Hare krishna, thank u mataji, may krishna's choicest blessings fall upon u!

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