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  • Hare Krshna ,Mataji you are most dearer to Radharani and Krshna. I am not qualified to praised you.Just I will bow down for your feet. Please give me your blessing. I took one project that is spreading Harinaam in every village and town.It is under process of making bullock cart chariot.once again asking all vaishnava blessings for success of my project.I am seeking help from vaishnavas . soon I will send all details to your e-mail

  • Thank you Mataji, for your blessing on poor soul,

  • i wish same for u thanks for blessing me

  • Hare Krishna, Mata Ji

  • dandavat pranams,

    All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!

    Many tnxs for you divine blessings!Hare Krishna!

  • thank you mathaji.. i also wish you the same.. hari bol.. :)

  • Dear Mataji, Hare Krishna, and dandavat pranam. Thank you so much for your message and wishes. :) I am so pleased to hear from you and receive blessings from you. You sent me the first message after I joined here. I read your page and was so inspired, esp ur daily sadhana. I am a neophyte struggling currently, and would really love to have a daily sadhana like you. Please pray that I will become a devotee in future. May Krishna bless you always. Hare Krishna. 

  • Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.
    Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare.

  • hare krishna mata ji

    and thanx for guide line.

  • Harekrishna mathaji dantavat pranam

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