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  • pranam mataji hare krishna thank uu

  • Hare krishna r u?hari bol

  • Volunteer

    Dandavat Mataji, Hare Krsna, i am very happy to receive your blessings, wishing you good health. 

  • Thank you so much mataji! Hare krishna!

  • hare Krishna Mataji.Plese accept my humble obeisances.all glories to srila prabhupada & Radha madhaba.Thank you for your comments.

  • Thank You Mataji for your lovely blessings, HARE KRISHNA.

  • Pranam Mataji, Hare Krsna,

    Thank You so much for showing so much of mercy on me. I am able to proceed in KC due to the Mercy of Senior Vaishnava's like You. FYI Mataji, my 1st head Shaving ceremony was done @ Simhachalam Dham & got my name in front of Lord Venkateshwara @ Tirupati, when my Daddy called me Thrice by the name I have in the Sanctum Santorium of the Temple. I had been to many places before I landed up @ Iskcon Delhi, where Ram Bhadra Das told me abt Athatho Brahma Jigyasa, which I experienced when I was just 14yrs Old, but I did not knew abt it or no one able to answer my questions, who am I and What I am doing on this Earth.

    Thank You again Mataji for ur Blessing.

    Ur Servant K Venkata Narasimha Rao.

  • Pranam Mataji, Hare Krishna,

     Thank U a lot for first comment .Expect comment and guidance from time to time .


  • Thanks for the wonderful comment ! May hari bless you !



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